Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. How Realtors Can Work With Insurance Brokers to Win Customers.

When people are looking for a home, they do not think about the insurance they need for the home until the last minute. While this may seem reasonable, what if you look passed a home that you could have gotten a better customized insurance policy and thus a better monthly payment? This deal will not only help the real estate agent, it helps the buyer as well.

Real estate agents strive to establish great relationships with their clients. However, it is sometimes very difficult for real estate agents to stand out amongst the crowd. Partnering with an effective insurance agency can provide buyers with a multitude of better options for buyers.

When insurance companies and real estate agents work together, it becomes a win-win-win situation for all. The buyer wins because they get both the home they wanted and an insurance policy that is tailor-made for them, the real estate agent closes the deal and the insurance agency wins because now they receive more referrals.

By having insurance agencies and real estate agents working together, buyers benefit from the collaboration and it develops great reputations for the insurance agencies and real estate agents. While you may not think of these partnerships when it comes to selling homes, there is still a need for a trusted insurance agent.  People who live in areas where natural disasters occur, such as hurricanes, tornados and floods, are especially susceptible to weather that can damage their homes.  They would benefit greatly from these partnerships. They will able to get the right coverage to make their lives whole again if affected by a natural disaster.

Partnerships also foster communication and professional development between the two entities.  It creates a process that will work to everyone’s advantage and nothing beats having a trusted partner you feel good about referring.

Real estate agents should look for an established insurance agency with a history of great customer service and performance and has a sterling reputation in the community.  Have you found your partner?