Our History

Celebrating 100 Years at the Heart of Worcester


In 1924, Calvin Coolidge was president, and the Worcester Panthers were playing baseball under Jesse Burkett. It was also the year that Harold Fielding opened the Harold Fielding Insurance Agency on Pearl Street. Now, 100 years later, the insurance agency remains. Many of our clients were home grown companies like Laipson’s Diary, and Widoff’s Bakery.  Now known as Insurance Marketing Agencies Inc., the firm is now a 4th generation family-run and still in downtown Worcester. Harold always felt Worcester was his home and continued to do business in the city his entire life.


The insurance business changed greatly throughout the '50s & '60s. After restrictions on multi-line underwriting are lifted, one of the oldest & largest insurance companies in the US applies to license a new product combining a range of different risk coverages into a single package, and homeowners insurance is born.

Harold Fielding Insurance Agency is 26 years old.

Nov 09, 2017


Harold Fielding Insurance Agency has doubled in size, expanding to 10 employees.

Over half of the population of the US has some form of hospital insurance, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is created, and NAIC develops its Center for Insurance Policy and Research.

Nov 09, 2017


Harold Fielding Insurance Agency moves its headquarters to 332 Main St. in Worcester.

Nov 09, 2017


Harold Fielding Insurance Agency moves to Mechanics Tower when it opens in 1971.

Mechanics Tower is part of the Worcester Center Galleria, an urban renewal project that occupies 1 million square feet in downtown Worcester. At the time it was completed, it contained the largest parking garage in the world, and was touted as the finest shopping center in the US by construction experts.

Nov 09, 2017


The nation's 200th anniversary is also a big year in our history. The company officially passes to the second generation, with Sumner Herman taking the reigns as president. He acquires four other local agencies, which incorporate as Insurance Marketing Agencies and becomes the largest agency in the area. Our first logo - a tree with five branches - celebrates each company's unique roots and unified strength.

Nov 09, 2017


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