CyberRisk Liability

CyberRisk Liability

Statistics show virtually every business has been or is susceptible to being hacked. It can happen in a variety of ways and cost a lot of money to address.  Cyber protection insures for claims arising out of unauthorized access to data, failure to notify customers if you are breached, and failure to comply with privacy laws. Both Liability suits and your direct costs can be covered. Here are a few scenarios. In all examples, the policy pays for Damages and Defense Costs for covered lawsuits and your Direct Costs. We can help you understand what the risks are for you.

Third Party

Network and Information Security:  

Claim Example:  A hacker obtains sensitive personal information from your computer system. Customers bring a claim against the insured for allowing unauthorized access.    

Communication and Media Liability:

Claim Example: You accidently use copyright protected data, infringe or plagiarize and receive allegations of defamation, libel and slander in electronic content. 

Regulatory Defense Expense:  

Claim Example:  A charity with offices nationwide suffers a major data breach involving its donors. As a result, the Attorney General brings regulatory action against the insured. 

First Party Coverage

Crisis Management:  Coverage for public relations services to mitigate the negative publicity after a breach such as the costs for hiring a public relations firm to restore donor confidence or mitigate negative publicity generated from the incident.

Customer Notification Expense: Covers costs associated with notifying individuals, credit monitoring for 365 days, fraud expense reimbursement and call center.

Computer Program and Data Restoration Expense: Coverage for expenses to restore data lost from system damage due to computer virus or unauthorized access

Funds Transfer Fraud:  Loss of money or securities due to fraudulent transfer instructions to a financial institution.  

Social Engineering Fraud: Loss of money or securities due to a person impersonating another and fraudulently providing instructions to transfer funds.

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