15 Types of Coverage Brewers Should Ask Their Agent About

Brewer with a pint among fermentation vessels

Running a brewery involves a variety of risks at every level of business. While following best practices is always a good place to start, having the right coverage is crucial in protecting your business when calamity strikes. These are 15 types of coverage for breweries, tap rooms, restaurants, delivery, production safety, quality control and distributors […]

The Property Claim Lifecycle

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manufacturer, landlord or a homeowner, a catastrophic property loss will be a milestone event in your lifetime. It will probably be part of every conversation you have for the next several months. It will be something you remember for the rest of your life. I’ll give you the punchline […]

Employee Photos on Social Media

​Question: We would like to post photos of our employees on our social media sites. Are we required to obtain our current or former employee’s permission to use photos of them? Answer: It depends. The issue at hand is an employee’s right to privacy. Generally, employees have a right to privacy in regard to their […]

A Few Good Things to Know About Restaurant Insurance

As with any business, restaurant owners need to protect themselves with a comprehensive insurance policy.  Restaurant policies are similar to other business policies in that they cover the restaurant’s property in case of basic perils like fire and theft but can also extend to disastrous perils, like floods and earthquakes.  The policy may also provide […]

5 Keys to Data Protection Every Employer Should Know

The average corporate user has about 20 sets of login credentials—the usernames and passwords that we use to gain access to things like email, document repositories, social media accounts, instant messaging tools and other corporate systems. Plus, we have a number of login credentials for personal accounts of various types, as well. Cyber criminals want […]