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At IMA, we are committed to providing unparalleled benefits to our clients and provide access to Mineral, an advanced online platform designed to assist you with all of your HR processes.  Mineral is your gateway to a robust suite of HR resources and expert guidance.  Here is what you can expect:

HR Compliance Library: Stay ahead of the curve with access to a comprehensive library that covers all aspects of HR compliance, ensuring your policies and procedures align with the latest regulations.

Handbook and Job Description Builders: Easily create customized employee handbooks and job descriptions tailored to your unique business needs.

Compliance Calendars: Never miss a critical deadline again. Mineral’s compliance calendars keep you informed about important dates and filings.

Salary Comparison Tools: Benchmark salaries to ensure your compensation packages remain competitive in the market.

OSHA Logs: Simplify OSHA compliance with tools to track and maintain required logs and reports.

Learn Library: Access a wealth of knowledge with hundreds of recorded training modules covering essential topics for your workforce development.

Mineral goes beyond just tools.  It offers direct access to certified HR experts who are dedicated to understanding and navigating the complexities of employment laws.  Their experts can support you with conflict resolution, employee relations, hiring and terminations, worker classifications and much more.

By integrating Mineral into our benefits package, IMA empowers you to focus on what matters most – growing your business!


Ask the Experts: Job-Related Training

Employers generally must pay for mandatory job-related training but not for voluntary training outside work hours that doesn't directly benefit the employee's current role.

Ask the Experts: When to Tell Staff About Law Changes

Unsure about informing employees of employment law changes? Employers must stay updated on legal changes, but informing all employees might not be necessary. Learn about the potential benefits and drawbacks of sharing this information with your team and discover best practices for compliance.

Ask the Experts: Deductions & Exempt Employees

Need help navigating exempt employee deductions? Our Employee Benefits include access to HR experts who can answer your questions on FLSA compliance & deductions. Ensure you're following wage & hour laws.


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