Employee Photos on Social Media

Question: We would like to post photos of our employees on our social media sites. Are we required to obtain our current or former employee’s permission to use photos of them?

Car Accidents in Winter

It’s winter driving season in New England. And, while most people know what to do to try to avoid an accident, many don’t know what to do after one.

Insurance Tips for Young Adults

You keep your car filled up with gas so you don’t get stranded on the side of the road. And, your phone charged so your loved ones can reach you. But, what kind of safety measures…

Fourth Of July Safety

10 Ways to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Independence Day  In New England, summer truly begins when the Fourth of July arrives. It’s a holiday full of fireworks and food, barbecues and boating, family and friends. It can also be full of danger — and we’re not only talking about the fireworks.  Whether you’re lighting your own fireworks at home, going to a community show or heading somewhere else, […]

Yard Work Safety

Let’s Keep Our Lawns – and Ourselves – Safe in New England.