Let us be the final piece of the closing puzzle for your clients

If so, it’s important you know about us.  Why?  Because insurance can make or break a sale.  We get calls all of the time from clients who need to know (quickly) what the insurance rate will be so they can find out if they qualify to buy their dream home.  We also assist when it comes to the tricky waters of flood insurance.  With the new FEMA maps, having this information up front is crucial when helping your clients buy or sell.

Here are some other reasons why it makes sense to add us to your Closing Team:


  • Our carrier options allow us to provide the best coverage at the most competitive rates.  We can insure anywhere in the country, so if your clients have several homes, we can cover them all.


  • We have options for Flood Coverage; both private flood and NFIP programs. We can present alternatives for excess flood, which is sometimes necessary to close a loan. 

  • We work with many carriers that will provide coverage for coastal properties.


  • We’ve saved sales!  We are able to quickly turn around quotes and are available to you anytime.


  • We support the Real Estate community by being a partner with MAR


  • Renovations are not a problem! We can offer your clients a builders risk or course of construction policy which will meet the requirements of the mortgage company and make for a smooth closing. 

Give us a Try!  We will make sure you and your clients are happy with our rates, service and programs.

You will be contacted within the hour during normal business hours and within 3 hours during non office business hours.

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